Student Housing Pretoria

Choose Varsity Lodge for Top-Quality and Well-Priced Student Housing in Pretoria

One of the greatest challenges for the modern student is trying to find a decent place to stay. Let us face it, not all student housing in Pretoria is up to the expected standard. And often, those that are have a hefty price tag attached.

Students moving to Pretoria to study are faced with many frustrations when it comes to housing. University residences book out quickly, and are often of very poor quality anyway. If you are starting to feel despondent, and wonder if you will ever find housing that is affordable, clean, and safe, rest assured that hundreds of other students are in the same boat. You are one step ahead of the rest, as you are about to find out about some of the best-quality student housing in Pretoria…Varsity Lodge.

Varsity Lodge is not a university or campus residence. Our lodges are set outside university gates, but close enough to walk or take public transport. We also offer student transport between campuses and residences, so there is no reason to even begin stressing about how you will get around. In addition to our convenient locations, we also ensure total safety for our students with 24-hour security and off-street parking (for those who have vehicles).

Inside each of our student homes, we have taken the time to incorporate basic yet comfortable furniture. We ensure that all communal areas are serviced and cleaned regularly, and we provide all residents with house rules to ensure that all students are mindful of each other. The concept of a Varsity Lodge is to have a fun living environment that is geared towards a balanced lifestyle, which means that you will not have to “grin and bear it” through hours of late night partying when you have tests, assignments, and exams to prepare for.

Varsity Lodge student housing in Pretoria is available at our Tshwane lodge, and can accommodate 286 students in 52 units. This particular Varsity Lodge is brand new, which means you will enjoy the very best of everything. It is within walking distance from the Tshwane University of Technology’s main campus. Your rental includes water and lights, biometric security (fingerprint), cleaning service, and 24-hour Wi-Fi access.

The Tshwane Lodge Setup

If you are open to shared student housing in Pretoria, Tshwane Varsity Lodge is a fantastic option. Each of the 52 units has three bedrooms. Each bedroom is shared by two students. Inside your unit, there are beds, desks and chairs, built-in cupboards, book shelves, curtains, dustbins, fridges, and freezers.

Each kitchen facility is shared by six students, and is fully equipped. A microwave, induction cooker, bin, and six-seater breakfast bench are included for your comfort and convenience.

Want to check out the house rules to see if you would fit in at Tshwane Varsity Lodge? You can download them here.

Applications for 2019 are now Open!

If you are still hunting for student housing for 2019, here is some good news. Applications for 2019 are now open at Varsity Lodge. Make an appointment to view the facility, or get in touch with us to discuss each option more. Give us a call or send us an email at your convenience