Accommodation for Students

Trendy and Cool Accommodation for Students in Johannesburg and Pretoria

The landscape of university students residing in university residences has changed vastly over the last decade. While it was customary to book your first-year student or school leaver into the first university residence possible, it is now more fashionable and trendier for young people to live in specialised residences for students, such as Varsity Lodge. Not only does the name imply a sense of independence and exclusivity, but our lodges are uniquely positioned to cater to the needs of our residents.

At Varsity Lodge, we fully comprehend the fundamental requirements of our residents. We understand student life. We know that early adults need a secure place to reside, while also having the opportunities to socialise and grow with other young adults in safety. We take great pride in our accommodation establishments we provide for young adults starting to explore life. We love the unique characteristics and natures of our residents, and we encourage them to excel in their studies successfully by providing them with the best possible environment to live in.

Trendy and Cool Accommodation for Students

Our accommodation takes into account the unique requirements of the young folk that choose to reside with us. We know that social interaction measures high on the scale of being a student, but we also understand that providing a quiet and studious environment is primary to achieving study goals.

If you are looking for accommodation for students that is safe, secure, and viable to a studious environment, we are only too happy to oblige! We specialise in the provision of viable and safe residences for students in seven different student lodges:

  • Riviera Varsity Lodge: Here we provide top-class accommodation for medical students in Pretoria. There is a choice between two-, three-, or four-bedroom units that will meet every need.
  • Riviera Med: These are largely focused on later study years and consist of high-quality bachelor units in Pretoria that are perfect for the serious medical student.
  • Scarlet Ribbon: In Johannesburg, there is a serious shortage of accommodation for young adults, and our residences fill the void with flair! Here, early adults can choose different types of accommodation in our eight-storey building, which is cleaned on a daily basis.
  • Tshwane Varsity Lodge: It is always a struggle to find safe lodgings for students in Pretoria. This lodge is located close to the campus and provides all the necessary amenities.
  • TUT Varsity Lodge: As one of our largest residences, we provide high-quality lodging for around 800 students, plus all the amenities they will need. It is within walking distance of the University of Technology, which makes it a highly desirable residence.
  • Martindale: This residence mainly specialises in the provision of high-quality residences for people studying at the University of Johannesburg. Here, we ensure that the social climate is jovial, yet safe and controlled to ensure a wonderful environment for young adults to learn in.

If you are looking for accommodation that is affordable, safe, and well-managed, just give us a call! We look forward to hearing from you!