Tshwane Student Accommodation

Comfortable Tshwane Student Accommodation That Will Not Break the Bank

It is halfway through the year, and most matric students are now starting to make plans in terms of where they are going to study, what they are going to do, and where they are going to live. Even at this early stage, most students may find it difficult to locate Tshwane accommodation that will suit their pockets and their safety needs, and most residences are already fully booked by this time of year. It can be an especially unnerving time for parents of students who will leave home for the first time to study at The University of Pretoria or other local academic establishments. Safety and affordability are usually the first concerns. This is why, at Varsity Lodge, we provide accommodation that caters to both!

While there are various accommodation options in Tshwane, not all of them are ideal. Sometimes, a student might have to live far away from campus, which means that they need transport to get them to and from campus at all times of the day or night. Other times, it may require sharing an apartment with other people that may not quite be as serious about studying, and this can disrupt the academic process and quality of study. The best choice is still to find accommodation that:

  • Is close to campus and easy to reach
  • Is in a secure environment
  • Has space to engage in social interaction
  • Provides comfortable living quarters
  • Creates an environment that will stimulate and encourage academic study
  • Has Wi-Fi and laundry facilities

At Varsity Lodge, we specialise in the provision of student housing in Tshwane and other areas that are top of the range without costing a fortune. We understand the need of students and the anxiety of their parents, which is why we have a strict house code and a set of rules that we expect all our residents to abide by. This set of house rules not only ensures that our residents remain safe and secure, but it also ensures that our residents enjoy a comfortable living space, which is conducive to productive study and active socialisation in a secure environment.

We have a variety of choices when it comes to lodging that caters to all kinds of needs. At the medical campus, we have bachelor apartments that allow young adults further along their studies to live alone and independently. Other housing options we offer in Tshwane include shared apartments, where first-years can spread their wings and flourish in their studies. In all our lodges, we provide high-speed Wi-Fi, safe and secure parking, access control around the clock, and a great environment to be in. On top of this, we do not charge a fortune.

We know that study fees can put a serious dent in the family budget, and as a result, we try to keep our rates as affordable as possible while still providing all the amenities and facilities needed to satisfy the needs of our residents.

If you want to find out more about the Tshwane accommodation options that we provide at Varsity Lodge, give our team a call as soon as possible to book your spot in one of our wonderful residences!