UJ Student Housing

Have a UJ Student Housing Crisis? Varsity Lodge Can Help!

It is a fact that around twenty thousand UJ students live off campus. This means that they are further than 2 km away from the campus. The reason for this is that the university itself can only offer UJ student housing for around 7000 people. It is a fact that finding suitable accommodation across the country is becoming a problem, as university intakes grow and residences are fully booked way ahead of time. The demand for good residences for students has reached an all-time high, and finding student housing may seem practically impossible at times.

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At Varsity Lodge, we have good news! We have two lodges that offer UJ student housing close to the campus and at reasonable prices. In addition to this, we also have a controlled environment that encourages diversity and social interaction, but still also provides rules and regulations that safeguard our residents and their guests.

Our lodges are specifically aimed at providing suitable, comfortable, semi-furnished accommodation for a great number of persons, and this makes their lives a lot easier. Being close to the campus provides our residents with easy access to their lectures and other activities that take place on campus.

We have two lodges in which we provide UJ student housing, and both of these are within walking distance from the main campus. Our accommodation lodges vary in layout – from bachelor flats and shared rooms to single rooms and shared units. Included in our monthly tariffs are electricity, water, and cleaning of communal areas. We also have a management team on site to provide our residents with any support they may need during their stay with us.

Our UJ housing leases run on an annual basis from January to December, and we require all residents to vacate our premises during the December holidays in order for us to perform the necessary maintenance and upgrades to ensure that our buildings are in good shape at all times. We also have a maintenance team that takes care of anything that needs to be repaired or replaced during the course of the year.

Access to our UJ housing is regulated via fingerprint scans around the clock, and safe parking is provided for all residents. We also provide other amenities, such as on-site laundry facilities, fast internet, and satellite television. We also require all our residents to follow our set of house rules in order to ensure that we are able to provide an environment that is great for socialising and studying. If you are looking for the best options when it comes to UJ student housing, contact our team at Varsity Lodge today!