University of Johannesburg Student Accommodation

University of Johannesburg Student Accommodation That Will Blow Your Mind!

It is almost October and most students are starting to make preparations for their university educations. Not all students want to stay in varsity residences, and we, at Varsity Lodge, have some really attractive and trendy accommodation options that you may want to consider! Our furnished accommodation in Johannesburg provides our residents with everything they need for safe and comfortable living. The benefits include the following:

  • Close to the main campus
  • Comfortable living quarters
  • Shared or single room options
  • Communal areas where students can socialise
  • Self-contained units
  • High levels of security
  • High-speed internet
  • Around-the-clock access control
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Laundry facilities on site
  • Safe parking for vehicles
University of Johannesburg Student Accommodation

It is usually quite difficult to find accommodation that can cater to all the needs of the typical student at the University of Johannesburg. There are some people who offer accommodation in Johannesburg in their private homes or garden cottages, but these are not always ideal. Often, they are unfurnished and are expensive, and getting hold of suitable living quarters for University of Johannesburg can be a challenge!

One of the main priorities of most students is to be close to the campus where they can access the resources they need to successfully conduct their studies. Libraries, social events, and sport days are all located on or close to the campus. This means that if they are located too far away from the campus, they face some difficulties in reaching the campus, finding adequate and safe parking, and basically just being part of the student body of the University of Johannesburg.

Parents often stress about their children attending the University of Johannesburg, because it is a large city and not always very safe. Having accommodation close to the campus always features high on the list of priorities when it comes to selecting accommodation.

At Varsity Lodge, we fully understand the needs of students, and we make it our mission to provide the most amenable, safe, and comfortable environment possible for our residents. We are proud of the facilities we provide, and we encourage residents to interact with the management team that is on duty around the clock.

Near the University of Johannesburg, we have the following options available:

  • Scarlet Ribbon Varsity Lodge: Here we provide affordable, furnished accommodation within a short walking distance from the main campus. Our accommodation facilities consist of a variety of units and rooms that are basically furnished to provide the very necessities that university learners need.
  • Martindale Varsity Lodge: In addition to the Scarlet Ribbon Varsity Lodge, we also have extremely comfortable and affordable accommodation close to the University of Johannesburg! In this facility, we offer bachelor flats and other units that are uniquely designed to suit the needs of all students. High-speed internet and laundry facilities are on site. At this establishment, we also provide safe parking and around-the-clock security.

If you are looking for very user-friendly accommodation for University of Johannesburg students, we are in tune with what they need. Not only are our wonderful establishments affordable and easy to live in, but they also cater to the needs of our residents. Give our team at Varsity Lodge a call to find out more!